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Sunday School

Director of Sunday School, Dr. Stephanie Varnon-Hughes, uses a "one room schoolhouse model" with different curriculum sets for each age group, including pre-K, elementary, middle school, and high school. Each Sunday the children begin with Chapel time. We light a candle, share about our weeks, and talk about prayer requests and prayers of thanksgiving. Every single Sunday, without fail, the children are grateful for the various animals in their lives and we often pray for them by name. We end with the Lord's Prayer.

Then, we share our Sunday School story, often related to the Gospel message heard by adults in church that Sunday. There is usually a craft or game related to the story. Stephanie follows the children's lead as well, and sometimes they explore projects or Big Questions about God and Jesus. They also like physical and pretend play. For the very little ones, we have Godly Play figures and can "play our way" into the Story.

We return to church in time for Communion. Many members have shared that a favorite moment during each service is the sound and energy of children re-entering the sanctuary. We are all God's beloved children, and may we all come to God like children with open hearts and sincere faith.