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Writer's Workshop

Our workshop format centered on writing, in longhand, for a stretch of uninterrupted time. Each session began with a “warm-up” exercise, one specifically focused on an aspect of finding your unique writing voice. Some sessions featured a brief talk by self-published writers and poets. Some sessions presented opportunities for willing participants to share their writing and get listeners’ reactions. Your personal project and writing is yours. Write as much (or as little) as you choose between sessions. You will never be compelled to share your writing (or spelling, or grammar, or semicolon knowledge).

Writer's Workshop's intention was to help each of us find our individual writing voice, to experiment with stylistic challenges, and to share insights. A few participants had long-term goals, to write about their lives, a spiritual journey, or to memorialize someone. What some of the writers noticed is a heightened awareness of and appreciation for the good writing they encounter.

Thanks to St. John's for giving me the opportunity to share our writing with one another.

Nancy Sassaman

This month we highlight Mary Angotti's submission, Peace Corps Volunteer Experience, from our Writer's Workshop. Mary has developed a wonderful writing style and she has really bloomed as a writer in the last few months. Mary has an important message to share.

On January 9th we have our final Writers’ Share Celebration for this series.

Try your hand at a lesson from the workshop. Session 4

Dinner, Drinks, and Discussion

Holiday Hiatus. Our next series begins on Wednesday, January 12.