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Attending Service at Saint John's

Worship built on Scripture, Tradition, and Reason

We invite you to attend service at Saint John's regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey. As Jesus sat with sinners and saints alike, we invite everyone to be a part of the Body of Christ.

Liturgy - “the work of the people” - at Saint John’s is a delightful blend of ancient traditions and modern influences. Our liturgy uses the Book of Common Prayer and other liturgical resources to create time and space which pulls us closer to God and to each other. Worship at Saint John’s is not a spectator sport, but invites those in attendance to bring their hearts and minds and bodies to a time dedicated to the sacredness of life. Sacred text is central to our worship time: we draw on four different biblical texts (using the “Common Lectionary”) each Sunday for our reflection and the homiletic message. Prayer comes from the heart and from tradition. It is both words we borrow from the ancients and words that well up from deep within our beings. Eucharist - the sharing of the Last Supper of Jesus - is open to all, no matter where one is on their walk there is bread of life and cup of salvation to share. As we finish up our worship we are always dismissed with words that charge our tasks for the rest of the week: “Go out, do good, share the love.”, to which we always respond “Amen. We go in the name of the one who sends us. Thanks be to God.” Come, join us as we join all the saints-past, present and yet to come.

Regular Service Times

  • 8:00am - Quiet 40 minute worship of Word and Sacrament
  • 10:00am – Word and Sacrament with music and Sunday school

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