Palm Sunday 2018

Saint John’s La Verne joins thousands of Christian communities around the world in one of the most ancient liturgies in Christianity: “The Blessing of the Palms” is held outdoors on Palm Sunday.

The Altar Kiss Comes Unbidden

The Altar and chancel has been stripped. The Altar Guild and Altar Party takes such tender care in doing so even while they don’t want to do so. The Altar is washed. I hate that I have to do that. I am honor to be the one to do so. I feel like the woman […]

Marking death and celebrating life

I have attended the deaths of several people of late.  At a couple of the deaths my role was to attend the funeral, pray the family through and give God thanks for the friendship I shared with the deceased.  At others I have been more directly involved-giving Last Rites, designing the funeral or providing pastoral […]

Prayer in the aftermath of violence

Almighty God, look with mercy upon this fallen world, again the subject of violence. Be with us in our grief, that we may know your consolation. Be with us in our anger, that we may receive your peace. Be with us in our confusion, that we may be led to your truth. And be with […]

Authentic Sacred Places

As preached on Sunday, June 23, 2013 When traveling the holy sites of Israel one gets used to the merging of the post-modern world we live in and the ancient world of the Bible rather quickly.  At most every holy site there is a large parking lot to accommodate several, at times a dozen or […]

As for me and my house . . .

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15 May your home be clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy. Cleaning the house before the children stop growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. I have lived in my home with my husband Mark […]

Walking the day after the Boston Marathon

April 16, 2013 I don’t much like to run.  I ran on the Alexander Hamilton Junior High Cross Country team and the track team.   I enjoyed cross-country running much more than track running.  Cross-country running gets you out and about, up and over, down and around.  There are different routes and different settings, each providing […]